My very first Hijab- A new beginning.....

I bet everyone has a story to tell about their very first hijab when they decided to become a hijabi women... As an amateur myself, i have thousands of questions to even get started to wear a hijab. And here's the beginning of my journey... 

I don't know about you, but starting to wear a hijab is so refreshing. It feel like a new beginning. It's like life just hit a restart button. But where do you begin? How do you start? Have you guys ever felt too shy to ask someone ? "Could you teach me how to wear the headscarf?" So you ended up googling on different type of hijab. Oh not only that- you started to watch hundreds of hijab tutorial which they always make it seems so easy, but you can never get it right when you try yourself in the mirror. So again, how do you start from the very beginning and choose that very first hijab to start your journey ? 

I must say even the process itself is a learning journey. For myself, I've learned so much on the fabric of the hijab, the types of hijabs before I choose the very first hijab. Sometimes it is so overwhelmed and complicated so you just start with Instant hijab ? Ever felt that way ? Why not just go simple coz what matter most is, you are covered right ? 

So what are the things to consider when choosing the right hijab for the day : 

  1. Iron-free: for a lazy human being like me, I always look for something to wear in the morning which does not require me to steam or iron my clothes. Very very important ! 

  2. Fabric: I can never list down thousands of fabric of hijabs/ shawl there is in this world. But what i can list down is the most common one, Chiffon. But how do one actually choose the kind of fabric which will make you feel comfortable in this tropical and humid weather in Singapore ? Like seriously, this is such an important factor to consider. And i think one of the challenges hijabi women in Singapore faces. So most people, would go for either Satin, Silk or Chiffon. 

  3. Color: This factor can be relatable to 99% of hijabi women out there. First question "Do I have any outfit to match with Hijab colour ?" I think I would personally prefer neutral colors for an everyday look. Why ? EASY TO MATCH ! BINGO ! But I believe most of us always ended up with black (Guilty as charged! oops) 

  4. Wash care : Again, I would prefer to look for hijabi which i can easily throw in the washing machine and hit that start button without much hassle. But Hijab fabrics can be fragile and we have to be gentle and take good care of it. 

  5. Styling : I honestly can spent close to 30mins in the mirror just to style the hijab and get the pins right. I think most of you can relate on this too ! I will look for an hijab without much effort. Pinless would be a lifesaver ! 

I must say I am still learning, I am still in the process of learning many more things as an hijabi women. What I have listed down above is the only TOP 5 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING THE RIGHT HIJAB. But i believe there is many more things that many of you would consider. I will be sharing with you more in details of different types of hijabs, styling and even tutorial ! Stay tuned and follow me on my new journey as an hijabi women. 

My personal advice would be to take it easy, step by step. With the gradual growing of faith and love for Islam, wearing hijab will come like a natural thing. 



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