Hijab is your identity

The day she decided to become a "full-time hijabi" woman, she didn't know what to expect and how her life would have changed. It has been a tough challenge but she always remembers God always test his strongest soldier. She knew that it would be challenging, but no one preempt her what to expect and how is it going to change every aspect of her life. She is sharing with you this journey, not to discourage anyone of you, but to make you feel better prepared for what to expect. To be honest, wearing a hijab is NOT just a fabric that you put on your head to cover your hair. It is your identity, not only you have to dress modestly, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you speak, your mindset, your character is what carries and identifies you as the true Hijabi women, it will become your identity. Some might have different opinions, but this is honestly how she feels. She does not want to be just the woman who wears hijab. She wants to be the woman to show how a strong hijabi woman can be, what makes us different, how to be respected.
Again, it is not just about fashion. It is YOU. It will change you inside out, and especially deep down inside your heart, it is such a great responsibility to carry this identity everywhere you go in this world (duniyaa).

Let's start with the 3 most important aspect of your life and how it has changed her. 

Workplace: She was hired by her organisation before she wore a hijab. She was a very modern lady who would normally dressed sexy formal office wear to the office. One day, she flew over to their head office for annual meetings and to meet the chairman. That was the first time she entered the room with her formal modest wear, and wearing her Zubaida's Turkish silk bawal hijab. She remembered vividly her boss asked her "You wore hijab now? But why ? ". The kind of reaction which she would least expect it. The industry of work she is in requires her to attend a networking event, lunch or dinner reception. Whenever she attended such events, the majority of them would be men with their suit and tie in the room. And it is part of her job to "Network & Socialise". So she used to dress to impress, wearing her Karen Millen dress and tried to make as many connections as possible during the event, but let me emphasize this; it is solely for work. After all, the FIRST IMPRESSION does matter. So she feared, she knew once she wore a hijab, the chances of anyone approaching her to build connections during any reception will be very slim. Reason? She wore a hijab. She might just find herself in the corner of the room sipping her sky juice and no one approached her to even talk business. I must say, in this line of work, she didn't expect or would have predicted how this might affect her job. You need to have a strong will. Try to make every negative situation into a positive one. So she figured, why fear? why fear of losing businesses, clients just because of what society thinks of women who wore hijab? This is not something that she would allow to bring herself down. Instead of having such fears, she will become the strong hijabi women who will be respected and valued by businessman or working professional for her knowledge and expertise. (GIRL POWER!)

Friends: Be mentally prepared to lose some friends. Not because you cut them off. But because you are no longer "part of the gang". They knew you will have so many restrictions on the things you can do as a group. So they stop adding you into the group chat to plan for late-night parties, get together, birthday parties and etc. They stop calling you out to even go for lunch or dinner because of the food restrictions. And to be honest, it is not a bad thing at all. It is actually good for you. Because you are staying away from all those sins. But this is what you should expect. You are no longer the "cool friend" which they can call you out anytime. She believes they do have the best interest at heart for her because they know how she is changing for the better. You might have some friends who would be supporting you from the back, happy for you and applaud you for the decision you made. But some might be intimidated, "why does she wear a hijab now? So sudden? Is it going to last? I think she's not going to last? Let's see when will be the day she will take it off? ". I am not kidding. You will get all sorts of negative vibes which you can't seem to shake it off at first. Because it will take you by surprise. And your circle of friends becomes so much lesser with a blink of an eye. But trust me, trust in God, it is good for you. Mentally and spiritually, it is good for you. As much as you want to assure your friends that you are still the same person, you know deep down, you are not the same person, and that you have changed for the better. 

Family: Not all of us were brought up in the religious family kind of environment. Some of us might find ourselves to be the only one in the family who wore hijab after turning 26 years old. And believe me, it's fine. It is extremely fine and there is nothing wrong with that. And it is very important for your family to support you. Some might have their own opinions. But it's okay, after all, they are your family. And they will always be happy for you. Sometimes your siblings, brother or sister might tease you. It is all part of the process. She was lucky to have one aunt whom she consoled before wearing her hijab. One day she called her aunt and said " Auntie, I have the intention of wearing a hijab, but I find it hard to even start. And I don't know when is the right time ? "

Her aunt said this and she will remember always her words, maybe you will too : 

"There will never be the right time. I know it's hard and it was also hard for me when I first started. Whatever difficulties you are facing now to even start now, it is all Syaitan whispering in your ears trying to stop you. But you must always be stronger than them, you cannot let them defeat you. If you feel like you don't have the strength, seek from Allah, when you are doing good things, trust me Allah will always be there for you. He will guide you and always protect you. And also remember, even after you started wearing hijab, the syaitan will not stop, it will become even more challenging for you. But remember what I said, seek the strength from Allah, and he will always be with you Inshallah. 

I must say it is a challenging journey for her but also a beautiful journey. She is still working on herself, and still improving herself to be a better inside and outside. I must say when you have a beautiful heart, a beautiful mind, your face will be glowing. And thats the beauty of a hijabi woman. May this story be the voice to share all the women out there and may Allah guide us and protect us. 


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